A Moment Of Euphoria

I was falling in love with you again, a moment of pure euphoria. That moment when I realized how perfectly innocent our love is, and how pure everything is.

I realized how lovely you are, how innocent you are. Though we have our differences, we have moments when we have fought so much that neither of us have the energy to fight anymore. But there are also these moments when I just simply love you. No ifs no buts, no strings attached just simply love you. Those are rare moments and I can’t say when they happen. But when they do, it is the purest form of emotion I can ever feel. With life there are series of responsibilities, issues, tensions and the entire emotional trauma that comes with it. Fighting with everyday life drains us out; there are times when we have no energy to do anything at all.

It is selfish but lately I seek comfort in knowing that if something happens to me there exists someone who will be utterly devastated by it.  But it gives me a great sense of belonging. It gives me a will to go on, especially on those days when I really can’t even get out of bed.

You give me happiness in your simplicity. There are times when I become the world’s most annoying person, but you being you, I am forced to come to my senses.

After 5 years, I fell in love with you again. Let’s just keep holding on a little longer. Even in the darkest of times when we can’t go on anymore, let’s give each other the happiness we seek, the desires we want fulfilled, and the best friend we need. If we feel like there is nothing to hold on, let us do things for each other selflessly so that the other can feel the love that is missing.


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