H#25 If This Then That


Image Courtesy: Google Images.


It is when you learn something new. I just stumbled upon this app called Buffer and its really handy. Another app IFTTT, which i knew existed but couldn’t quite wrap my head around the idea. Please checkout this article about working smarter not harder from buffer to know more about this app.

Buffer basically lets you create a queue and decide when these are to posted in different social medias. You can also read this blog to get started with. It explains the best a Buffer provides. Following are some of the stuffs it lets you accomplish:

  • Share any website that you are viewing with the help of buffer extension in your browser.
  • Buffer a retweet in Twitter.
  • Share image from anywhere with just a click.
  • Share highlighted text.

IFTTT, acronym for If This Then That, lets you create recipes that complete some task when a trigger is hit. For example, if I change my Facebook profile picture then change twitter profile picture too.

While I was being overwhelmed with the possibilities of IFTTT, I came to know about yet another app that would make your life easier, its called DO. There are variations of DO app, such as DO Camera, DO Note and DO Button. My favorite so far has been DO Note that lets me jot down any ideas that come up, and upload it to Evernote, and all of this in one click of the button.

I am still getting used to these apps, and trying to use them as much as I can.


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