H#48 Birthday!




Celebrating my sister’s birthday. Happy birthday Sanu didi. This post is dedicated to you.

You are the loveliest, kind-hearted person I’ve ever met. Whenever we came over at मामाघर (uncle’s house), you were the first one to be excited. You have the purest of hearts, with the best of intentions and the utmost care for everyone. I am really grateful God blessed me with a sister like you.

There are so many memories with you and many have influenced and motivated me. One of those precious moments were when you talked about the scar on your leg that you got a few years back from an accident. Do you remember that? You said that you didn’t want that scar to be removed. You didn’t want it hidden. Because you didn’t want to forget. so that you can always remember what happened. The experience and the lessons learned from that traumatic experience. Most people would have given anything to forget it or hide those flaky scars. But, there you were accepting what had happened and taking it all so lightly. That day I learned a lesson of life, Acceptance.

With a big bright smile on your face, you made me realize the crucial lessons of survival. Accepting who you are; your experiences, the good times the bad ones, your choices, your stories, thats what makes you. Thats who you truly are.

Thank you for being there always. I love you sis.

I wish you all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy birthday!  🎂🍫🎉


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