H#61 Responsibilities



Taking responsibility and completing them like you own it!

Today, we had a small program at our home and all the relatives were invited. This was the day for our annual ritual to remember all our relatives who have passed away. We do a small puja to ensure they rest in peace. We call this puja “Sorha Saradhya”, you can read more about it here.

Unfortunately, my mother was sick and couldn’t do anything. Normally she would be the one taking all the responsibilities; from readying all the things needed for the puja to cooking food for all the guests arriving. Now, that she was sick, it was upon me to complete the tasks. At first, I was really angry and frustrated having to do all the work. But, later it was obvious that if I didn’t do it who would? Can’t I even step up and do what she did for one day?

Anyways, at the end of the day, I was so tired , me feet ached and my back hurt, but I was happy and proud. You have to hold your head high and push to complete anything that life has to throw at you. You will be more content and grateful.


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