H#65 Take it in



Embrace Life as it is. No need to worry. No need to fret. What if you go a day with unwashed hair? What if you are not looking that good today? What if canteen is not serving something tasty? It does not matter. Just take it all in. Live in the moment.

I was always in a hurry to grow up when I was younger. I thought that growing up meant having more freedom. Freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. But freedom comes with more responsibilities. I am in the state right now where I am happy to where I am right now.

I don’t have to cook everyday. I have a job and some earnings. I can spend money on whatever things I want without thinking about the consequences.

Few  weeks ago I was so eager to for the future. But now I am just enjoying life as it is.

Present is the most precious gift.




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